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Meet Malka

In the west, we are forgetting how to connect with nature. Rarely do we stop to witness the miraculous rising or resplendent setting of the sun, though both wonders are generously offered us each every single day.  Few of us ever put our hands in the earth.  We do not match our rhythms with the cycles of the moon or bathe ourselves in the glow of the stars. In cities, concrete separates us from the living earth; we spend our time mostly indoors. We become isolated, out of touch with our intuition, with what we need and with what we want.


Usually, the answer to this dilemma is so simple: Just go outside and be receptive to nature. Listen to the subtle messages of the wind passing through the trees. Feel the pulse of the planet as you lie on the earth. Noticing how the ground feels underneath your body, slowly and subtly, you will begin to understand that you are the whole of nature. Everything that is going on around you exists within. You will learn from nature, for it is your biggest teacher, mother, father, lover and friend. Be in its embrace. Let it fill you with its love and teach you of the powerful and expansive nature of your own being.

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Malka Lew

Hollistic Medicine Healer


Malka’s nurturing mother earth energy will draw you right in and will make you feel safe from the start to surrender and let go. Her voice and sound is magical and will carry you to far away places. 


Valerie Parisius

Healer & Therapist

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